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Seat Selection

Seat Selection

Seating arrangements vary greatly between aircrafts and airlines. So ask for a detailed seat maps to figure out the good and bad ones.

Choice of seats differ from person to person. So do not get carried away by popular beliefs that particular seat is always good.

Window seat provides good views. But aisle seat provides more freedom to move. Ofcourse, avoid middle seat as long as possible.

Position Selection

In most jet aircraft, seats in back experience more cabin noise and hence more discomfort. That is why first class is always located in the front.

However, the advantage of sitting near the front suffers from disadvantages like screaming infants, who ironically tend to be seated in this zone for its presumed quietness.

In wide-body aircraft, rear economy window seats will provide a better view than in the front of the economy section since the view is obstructed by the wings.

The effects of turbulence are weakest near the wings, that is in the middle of the aircraft.

Finally, US National Transportation Safety Board data from accidents in which some passengers survived while others did not, indicate that seats at the rear of the plane are statistically safer.

Also note:

Seats at the tail end of the plane often have no middle seats, which gives you more room to spread out

Seats just before the exit row and at the end of a section may not recline

Seats next to the toilets may be smelly and have lots of people trooping up and down to them

Seats next to the galleys may be noisy especially when flight attendants prepare and roll-out the meals

It is possible to get the comfort of first class by securing a row of unoccupied seats in the middle section of larger aircraft. And raising the armrests to form a makeshift bed.

If you want to sleep, fasten your seatbelt over your blankets so that it's visible. Otherwise, you will be disturbed by the flight attendents if the "fasten seatbelt" sign turn on mid-flight.

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